Revision of Policy

You can request as many changes as your package permits you. We work hard to deliver the most outstanding service and will make revisions until your needs are met. If the design is not updated, there are no more costs. Your design will be updated in 48 hours.

After the logo designs are finished, any necessary revisions will be invoiced separately.

Refund Guidelines

You cannot get a refund from Digital Marketing Founders if you choose a customized package.

  • Our main design idea has been accepted.
  • You asked for modifications.
  • There were non-business-related reasons for the cancellation.
  • The project has been ongoing for more than two weeks without communication from the company.

If the company's policy is violated

  • A different business or designer has been approached about the project.
  • Important details are absent from the creative brief.
  • A complete redesign of the design is necessary.
  • The claim was made after the "request for refund" window closed.
  • The business is rebranding or closing.
  • Refunds will not be granted for "disagreement with a partner," "change of mind," or other non-service-related reasons.
  • If a customer purchases a service bundle and is unhappy with any one of the services, they will only be refunded for that particular service.
  • After seven days from the date of purchase, refunds are not granted.
  • The following are non-refundable: web hosting, paid plugins (SSL/DDoS), SEO, domain registration, social media marketing/management, copyrights and trademarks for logos, and logos.
  • Websites are not refundable after the client agrees and receives the development design.
  • Refund claims are turned down after logo and website designs are approved.
  • A partial refund (up to 25%) may be offered if the client cannot provide the logo or web design brief within ten days of placing the transaction.

get a refund

According to our refund policy, to get your money back

Request a refund:

Click this to start a live chat right now

use our Number +1 781 437 6503.

Reach out to us by email.

We will respond to your refund request right away after reviewing it.

Digital Marketing Founders will submit your designs to the Copyright Acquisition of the Government Copyright Agencies upon your return to maintain legality.

Governing Legislation and Authority

The terms and conditions at Digital Marketing Founders are administered by and construed following US law without respect to its conflicts of laws rules. You provide US federal and state court permission, as does Digital Marketing Founders.

If mandatory arbitration is not applicable, you consent to resolve any dispute, claim, or controversy about these Terms or the services provided by Digital Marketing Founders. You also release such courts from jurisdictional, venue, and inconvenient forum objections. Non-residents of the US are not covered by these principles. You may file a lawsuit in your home nation as an EU citizen.

Claims must be submitted following these Terms and Conditions within 30 days following the dispute or controversy. If a claim is made after the deadline, the action's basis will be dismissed. The party who does not pay the expenses and attorney fee will not be entitled to any restitution or damages.

You agree to work with Digital Marketing Founders to settle any disputes arising from site use. To resolve the disagreement, this will be done in good faith.

If the dispute remains unresolved after a fair amount of time, either party may request mediation. Please be aware that Digital Marketing Founders only offers a 30-day window. If mediation fails to resolve the dispute, either party may seek any remedy under local or federal law.

insurance of quality

  • Our designers and we work hard to satisfy your needs.
  • We do extensive study and create the best designs possible.
  • Customer satisfaction is our promise.
  • We provide as many revisions as needed to ensure you're happy.
  • Our goal is to surpass your expectations.
  • We adjust your design until you're satisfied (the amount of modifications varies depending on the bundle).

Delivery guidelines

On the Order Confirmation date, the entire order and a confirmation email will be delivered to the designated account.

Depending on the package, a minimum turnaround time of two business days is required.

Our customer service staff handles urgent orders.

Records keeping

Digital Marketing Founders keeps finalized designs on file to receive the proper file if you misplace an order.

Customer service

Our customer service department is open around the clock to answer your inquiries.

Policy for communication

Digital Marketing Founders disclaims all liability for correspondence sent to addresses other than ".@Digital Marketing" or phone numbers that are not on our website.

We are not liable for any harm brought about by omitted contact information.

The client will be charged project activation fees if they do not respond within 45 days.

We are accountable for the information on our official websites.


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