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Managing the Use of a Limited PPC Budget

Jan 25, 2024 | 6Min Read


When you or your client team has many ideas but insufficient funds to execute them, smaller PPC services expenditures can be difficult. Smaller budgets can be implemented efficiently but require more concentration and goal-setting to get outcomes. Digital Marketing Founders PPC agency provides businesses with digital services, including complete design and development. Established in 2015, we have provided development and marketing solutions to high-profile clients worldwide. We developed digital trends and know how to build your Business's Online presence. Our digital strategist works with anything from small start-ups trying to make their digital imprint to giant, established corporations with quarterly budgets set months to a year in advance.

Grow your online presence and drive targeted traffic to your business with cutting-edge PPC Pay Per Click service from Digital Marketing Founders. Our experienced professionals craft strategic PPC campaigns to your unique goals, whether you want to raise brand awareness, generate leads, or increase sales. Leveraging decades of expertise, our founders know how to stretch your advertising budget, staying current with the latest technologies and data-driven insights to keep your PPC campaigns on the leading edge, generating maximum ROI for your business. Let Digital Marketing Founders propel your business forward with unmatched results as we blend expertise and creativity in the race against your competition.

Smaller budget accounts just starting and raising awareness, top-of-funnel campaigns, are often the most flexible because they want to test and find what works and navigate the digital domain quickly. We have maximized limited expenditures while still delivering outcomes for our clients.

Placement Strategy

Many advertisers with little or huge budgets don't plan channel placements. Most PPC channels like Google and MSFT Ads have networks with a long list of partner sites where they offer ad spots. If you don't deliberately opt out of partner sites that don't fit your advertising budget and goals, you'll waste money with no returns. Investigating where your ad may show on each platform and deleting what doesn't make sense for your team might save you money.

Instagram and Facebook Meta advertisements are also good examples. The advertiser uses the same ads manager account for Meta and Instagram ads, as Meta owns Instagram. However, you can choose where adverts appear. If Instagram is better than Meta placements, you can switch to manual placements in the advertising manager to control where your ads appear when designing your campaign. Image sizes for desktops, mobiles, stories, newsfeeds, etc., and advertisements can be changed.

Ad scheduling

Does your team have a weekend phone answerer? If you use click-to-call advertisements to create leads and no one calls 48 hours a week, those leads may go cold from Saturday am until Monday morning when your sales team picks up the phone. Ad scheduling lets you choose when your adverts run to maximize advertising spend.

Geographical Targeting

Setting regional goals on campaigns will assist in generating the correct traffic and leads from Pey Per Click campaign management. Targeting expensive geo regions is a common, costly mistake. A client wants San Francisco Bay Area leads. We can target zip codes instead of the Bay region and eliminate areas we think won't work. This is useful for targeting large cities like San Francisco, New York City, and Miami.

Set Negative Keywords

Broad search strategies can waste a lot of money. We commonly see people think negative phrases hurt performance. In some cases, negative keywords may overlap with keywords you want to show. Still, in most cases, they exclude irrelevant queries and keywords and cut unwanted traffic to help your budget go further with relevant and more likely-to-convert searches. Creating lists in your account is an easy way to track and manage negative keywords. Once you set them at the account, campaign, or ad group level, consistently work them. How many you want to eliminate from your campaigns is up to you.

Budget Stretching

Your campaign outcomes will improve significantly if you calculate your daily spending, campaign duration, and cost breakdown to avoid overscheduling. To avoid platform swings offsetting your campaign budget, lower daily expenditure by 20%. For instance, if you spend $100 daily on your Google Search Brand campaign, lower it to $80 for days when your keywords have substantial traffic and Google fluctuates to boost traffic and conversions.

PPC is real-time and easily adjusted by the advertiser(s), making it a great way to test on a modest budget, evaluate what works, and swiftly eliminate what doesn't! Happy testing!


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