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Helping Your Ad Campaigns Succeed with PPC Tools

Feb 12, 2024 | 8Min Read

I've seen everything, from unsuccessful efforts to pay per click campaign management ads that made me click. Businesses that create ads should go with more than just the flow. To evaluate and modify ad performance, use PPC software. Why? pay per click advertising lacks any compromise. They either succeed or draw in your intended audience. With the right tools—some of the best in the industry—marketers and sales teams can measure, track, and manage PPC campaigns to boost conversions and outperform the competition. Regardless of your tools or software, see our Informative Guide to PPC for data, strategy suggestions, numbers, and its best practices.

Top List of Pay-Per-Click Tools

  • Wordstream PPC
  • Google Ads
  • Optmyzr
  • PPC Toolkit SEMRush
  • Bing Ads Editor
  • DashThis
  • Skai
  • MarinOne Search
  • ReportingNinja
  • Octoboard
  • Acquisio
  • PPC Management Tool
  • PPC Wordstream Advisor


WordStream is Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, and Twitter integrations. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advisor caters to owners of small businesses who wish to use Pay Per Click (PPC) effectively but need more funds to hire consultants or specialists on staff. The application is integrated with Bing, Google, and other major ad networks. Within WordStream Advisor, the "20 Minute Work Week" tool quickly assesses PPC campaigns and provides advice.

These changes are made possible by the Wordstream program. Create campaigns, determine good and bad keyword research, and adjust spending. Utilize the application to create the best landing pages and measure and report call and conversion data.

WordStream provides all the main search and ad networks to small businesses at a low cost and offers a seven-day trial for form fillers. This helps SMBs compete in advertising where digital is dominant.


There is integration between Yahoo, Bing, and Google ad systems. Marketers or agencies that need more automated features may create and manage mass campaigns with far more sophisticated capabilities with Optmyzr. Like WordStream, you can create, monitor, and control PPC advertisements on several platforms using this paid tool.

According to the Optmyzr website, all software versions may automate reports, alarms, and scripts. Biannual product training with Optmyzr sales representatives is included with every subscription. Users can submit spreadsheets or integrations to Optmyzr's Automyzr to create campaigns in a bull. After uploading data, users can automatically use parameters like product or brand to generate names and other ad elements.

PPC Hero Joe Martinez, listed as one of the 25 top PPC professionals in 2017 and 2018, suggests using this program. He thinks lead generation and e-commerce accounts benefit from the PPC manager. Marketers may view account performance statistics with Optmyzr and make swift adjustments. With such programs, I can also automate monotonous tasks," he says.

Over the years, he claims that software has saved him time. I can complete many high-level, repetitive tasks with the program, freeing up time for strategy or in-depth research in important account areas. Optmyzr, as the name suggests, optimizes PPC ad data. Optmyzr is excellent for businesses of all sizes because it quickly gives more information.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads integration

Known initially as AdWords Editor, this desktop application is used to create, monitor, and modify Google ads. The software allows you to build or update adverts offline, evaluate changes in draft mode, and mass edit multiple advertisements in addition to performance tracking.

With the editor and Google Ads, users may create and apply a Google bid strategy to campaigns. It would be best if you made a Google Ads campaign before you can manage Ads Editors. This easy-to-use and reasonably priced product would be perfect for learning Google PPC initially.

Google Ads Editor does not provide automation or enhancement ideas; paid PPC managers do. This means that human adjustments and oversight might be required. Although Google Ads editor lacks the quality-of-life components of for-pay alternatives, it has the benefit of being linked to the largest search engine in the world. It takes more manual labor but increases the probability that your campaign will reach the most significant market.

Bing Ads Editor

Google PPC is losing momentum to Bing PPC, which has over 100 million daily users. The PPC software on Bing and Google's website are the same. When you connect, you can update and publish your adverts offline, just as with the Google Adverts Editor. Using this management tool, you may monitor bids, analyze keywords, and keep tabs on performance. Unlike Google Ads Editor, only Bing Ads users can access this tool, which prohibits automation. Businesses may quickly boost their ad effect with Bing's PPC capabilities, even though it's still David vs. Goliath.


Campaign planning, keyword research, and competition analysis are the main features of SEMRush's PPC management software. You may use SEMRush to search your domain to find competitors for paid and organic search results. Research the terms that rivals have placed bids on to determine if you could bid similarly. The "Charts" feature in ToolKit shows graphs illustrating rivals' performance.

You can obtain more comprehensive keywords and search volume data by entering a keyword or phrase into the Keyword Magic Tool. You can convert this data into a document—SEMRush 4 price plans—and distribute it to their staff. SEO, PPC, and SEO marketing tools are included in SEMRush's most affordable package, which is ideal for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. The more extensive strategies are aimed at essential firms and organizations. These provide robust API interfaces and white-labeled reporting.

Try out the SEMRush keyword magic tool. Free accounts with passwords and email are necessary. SEMRush displays both your results and your rivals' PPC advertisements. This information is essential for businesses looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded advertising environment.

PPC Bid Management

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook are all connected with MarinOne Search. MarinOne Search manages Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Google ad auctions. Marin says the application "allocates budgets and calculates bids" using special machine-learning techniques and a large data set.

According to Marin's tour of the budgeting program, customers can modify the budget process by assigning dollar values to different conversion events.

On the Marin website, Nissan, Dell, and Jeep share program success stories. Bid more than you earn. If it's low, adverts may go unnoticed. MarinOne optimizes PPC expenditures by finding the ad spending sweet spot.


It is compatible with Apple Ads, Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Budget management, search, social media, e-commerce, and app-based advertising technologies are all provided by Skai (formerly Kenshoo). Using the bid management software, you can create and modify bids based on models and rules.

Skai supports Google Ads and several online ad networks. Viewing spending, revenue, ROI, and conversion head-to-head on many dashboards is possible. Skai said their dashboard interface uses machine learning algorithms that have won awards to provide bid ideas, budget estimations, and ad success estimates.

Their website shows that Skai's enterprise-level software provides free trials, premium solutions, and startup programs. Using data from popular search engines, Skai lets you view offers suitable for a team. This makes it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of PPC advertising and choose where spending will have the biggest impact.


Major social networks are connected with Bing and Google. Acquisto's bid and budget management solution continuously evaluates and modifies bids and budgets using machine learning algorithms.

This program may be helpful to multiple account marketers or those who require additional time to examine bids and budget distribution. Number-crunching and bid research may be expedited using machine learning technologies. This extra time could be used for other worthwhile endeavors.

The flexibility of Acquisio to automatically modify budgets based on ad parameters is our favorite feature. Teams can do this to save money and ensure relevant advertising is placed when needed.

Tools for PPC Reporting

Formerly known as the Performance Grader AdWords, WordStream evaluates your campaigns of your Google Ads based on keyword quality, optimization, impressions, (CTR) click-through rates, and optimization of landing pages.

  • It provides additional reports, information, or sub-scores for every criterion.
  • The report compares campaign results to the prior month to help users set standards.

Ad ratings for your email address can be automatically obtained by connecting this tool to your Gmail account and providing some company information. While nobody wants to receive a poor grade, Google PPC ads should let you know if you don't pass. Suppose you're saving money on effective advertisements. The clarity of the Google Ads Performance Grader is advantageous to marketing teams.


Integrated software for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, and Twitter ads could be helpful for agencies or marketers building white-label analytics dashboards for customers. Planning and sending automated reports to clients and marketers outside the website is possible with ReportingNina. Clients and marketers can access a dashboard that pulls information from Bing Ads and Google Ads through the white-label site.

Users can view their essential data in one location using this link. Other data sources like MailChimp and insights from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads can integrate into PPC. Ad data is combined into an easy-to-use platform so marketers can examine campaign analytics and make changes whenever and wherever they are.


Each package has features and limits on the number of clients it can serve. It also works with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Octoboard has white-label and customizable reporting tools for clients and marketers.

The program can make reports and dashboards for as many people as possible. With this tool, report templates can be added to websites. Octoboard has reporting forms for Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn PPC for people who need more time to make their own.

The program automatically makes and sends reports, just like ReportingNinja. You can sign up for Octoboard and look at reports that use your data for free. But if you want more access, you must pay for a monthly or yearly plan. No code is the best thing about Octoboard. Reports can be changed to meet business goals and give important information.


You can connect Google Ads, Facebook Insights, Analytics, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. DashThis shows PPC and SEM success data on a single dashboard, like ReportingNinja and Octoboard.

This feature could be helpful if you use multiple tools to monitor PPC ads, traffic, and campaign data. You can make and change panels with this app. DashThis has desktop themes for Periodic, Rolling, and Campaign. Campaign data is shown regularly and in real-time on a moving monitor.

Cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), rate of conversion, ROI, impressions, and return on ad cost are some of the KPIs that DashThis uses. Users can make apps. This tool might help PPC and SEM companies make reporting easier. After making a summary, users can report and share real-time data with clients and coworkers.

A single $39-a-month DashThis subscription lets users set up three panels. You can use DashThis to make your own PPC panel or use pre-made KPI tools to save time.

Building Your PPC Toolkit

You can use some of these tools for pay per click advertising services, but some are helpful. What do I say? Start small. Pick one or two apps that fit your current advertising goals and look at their data.


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