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Types of Backlinks That Matter the Most in SEO

Feb 12, 2024 | 8Min Read

What is Link building?

To improve domain authority, search engine rankings, and referral traffic, link building, including SEO services, aims to improve the number and quality of inbound connections to your website. When other websites link to yours, it's known as an inbound or incoming link, and it functions similarly to off-page SEO.

What are backlinks?

Someone who receives backlinks mentions them. Internal and external links are not the same as backlinks. Your website might benefit from the best SEO services in two ways. They may increase visitors to websites. Referral traffic can be generated when someone connects to your website from their blog or website, as their readers might click on it.

  • They improve search engine ranks. If your website has more backlinks from high-authority, high-quality domains, search engine results pages (SERPs) will rank higher for you.
  • An authoritative website that uses natural anchor text can obtain an inbound link. Hyperlinked text is called anchor text. Our backlink strategies blog post's anchor text is "backlink strategies."

List For Link Building Methods

  1. Blog regularly with great stuff.
  2. Your blog should link to others.
  3. Write guest blogs.
  4. Compile and publish valuable resources.
  5. Build relationships with expert roundups.
  6. Post newsjacks.
  7. Create case studies of your best clients.
  8. Participate in a case study.
  9. Conduct polls.
  10. Write book reviews.
  11. Free webinars and online archives.
  12. Make free tools.
  13. Make shared templates.
  14. Make captivating infographics.
  15. Create other visuals.
  16. Make SlideShare presentations.
  17. Do something silly.
  18. Write fascinating corporate news press releases.
  19. Issue a collaborative press release when your announcement affects another company.
  20. Reach out when you have major news or fantastic material.
  21. Set up press request alerts and pursue quotation chances.
  22. Write and pitch op-eds.
  23. Team up with complementary businesses.
  24. Try co-marketing.
  25. Request reviews.
  26. Make real-life webmaster buddies.
  27. Find and track brand mentions.
  28. Find broken links with site-crawling tools.
  29. Find and track competitors' backlinks.
  30. Content should include 'Tweet This' links.
  31. Add social widgets.
  32. Event sponsor or speaker.
  33. Fix a website error for another webmaster.
  34. Free trials and product previews.
  35. Blog regularly with great stuff.

Consistently writing good blog posts people want to link to is one of the best ways to get direct links naturally. People in your industry should find your content helpful and like to share and link to it from their websites.

Your blog should link to others

Since blogs are social tools, the more you interact with others—especially in a steady, opportunity-driven manner—the more probable they will do the same. You can't cover everything on your blog, so take advantage of the resources available online to enhance the experience for your visitors.

Write guest blogs

Compose a blog post and send it to relevant blogs, ensuring it aligns with their content. If accepted, they should provide an inbound link. Building high-quality white-hat links and promoting your expertise can be accomplished through guest blogging and leveraging online SEO services. Many media outlets allow users to submit original content on timely subjects. For instance, if you're a branding agency, begin with journals related to your industry, such as branding publications.

Compile and publish valuable resources

People will be more likely to link to resources, and readers will find them helpful. If you make a complete list of resources, other bloggers can use it as a reference and not have to copy and paste all that information into their posts. Here's an example of the list of SEO resources we chose for beginners.

Build relationships with expert roundups

Expert reviews can help you build relationships with influential people. These relationships may not immediately bring you inbound links or leads but will eventually lead to reliable backlinks. After they are satisfied with your expert roundup, you could thank them again and ask if they would like to write a guest post or something else. In one of our expert roundups, we invited well-known marketers for their content marketing tips.

Post newsjacks

Newsjacking is when you use your interest in a news story to make your business more successful. If you're the first blogger to write about a news story, your post's "freshness" factor will put it at the top of Google's SERPs, and other bloggers will link to it. We found some examples of newsjacking online to show what we mean.

Create case studies of your best clients

They will link to your site if you make your clients look good in cases on their site. Pick the companies with the best track records, enthusiasm, and product understanding. Ask the right questions and show the case study wholly and excitingly. Don't hesitate to offer a case study for one of your leading providers in exchange for a backlink. Companies are always looking for interesting topics.

Free webinars and online archives

If it's educational, participants will spread the word. To enable visitors to sign up for a previous webinar, you can easily accomplish this by converting your PowerPoint slides into a SlideShare presentation and embedding it into a blog post or the webinar's landing page.

To boost backlinks to these archived webinar sites, collaborate on the webinar with a different business, influencer, or brand, preferably an online SEO company. A strong presentation from two complementary companies will draw in more viewers even after the webinar.

Make shared templates

Similar to free tools, templates have sufficient value to be linked to. Before designing a template, think about what might simplify people's work. A designer might create a collection of printable business card templates that people might repeatedly return to—links to information that has been bookmarked frequently go in there.

Make captivating infographics

Infographics are popular, so others will connect to you as the source if you make one. Additionally, you may quickly locate the embed code and distribute your design to the sources you specified.

Not a designer? Use these free infographic templates to make quick, high-quality infographics with a polished appearance. Select a subject that is relevant to your industry and can be illustrated.

Create other visuals

An effective visual content marketing plan must include cartoons, content visualizations, charts, graphs, and similar graphics to generate inbound connections. Others will probably link to yours instead of theirs as they need money and effort to create.

Write corporate news press releases

By changing your PR strategy to an inbound approach, you create new opportunities, develop your brand, and capture the attention of your target audiences. Once you've written an excellent press release, post it to your website and submit it to a major newswire for further exposure. Send out a cooperative news release if your announcement impacts another business.

It's possible that thousands of similar sites were not linked to your website from a press release about your company. You can gain more backlinks and expand your audience by doing this. Your brand, credibility, and backlinks from reputable websites can all be strengthened by receiving press coverage and being published.

Make a page on your website first that they may connect to. Next, contact a few reporters and magazines you believe may be interested in your topic. Provide context for your request, abide by their guidelines, craft an attention-grabbing email pitch subject line, and be helpful—not arrogant.

Journalists use several ways to get quotes from specific individuals for their articles, such as press request notifications. Experts describe the services you can subscribe to receive email notifications from journalists.

  • HARO
  • (paid) Muck Rack
  • Gorkana Paid service
  • Free source bottle
  • (journalist Twitter hashtag) #JournoRequest
  • (journalist Twitter hashtag) #PRrequest

Write and pitch op-eds

The most significant opinion pieces have one main idea, adopt the author's voice, and provide concrete suggestions. Once the article is written, look for a legitimate inbound connection in the online versions of trade newspapers and magazines.

Team up with complementary businesses

Corporate channel partners frequently connect to each other's outstanding content because they want each other to succeed. Check a partner's Alexa and Similar Web presence to know how much traffic they can provide to your website. These websites can display traffic, bounce rates, keywords, sources, and visitors' activities after their visit.

Try co-marketing

Form co-marketing agreements with other businesses to advertise items or content and to share the outcomes. Utilizing a partner's network and connections may generate more exposure and links with less effort. You may pitch the idea to a brand in a different industry that is of a comparable scale. You could begin with a few tweets and progress to marketing assets.

Make real-life webmaster buddies

Developing a network of contacts with other web administrators will facilitate future efforts to find pertinent inbound links and guarantee their visibility. Making connections is a handy skill. You may find more opportunities, the larger and more inclusive your network is. Start by using these pointers.

Find broken links with site-crawling tools

Similar to the previous stage, some webmasters can have broken links pointing to your website. This is a typical evolution of your website. These incoming connections can be updated and are still valuable. To locate broken links on other websites, use Screaming Frog, Link Juice Recovery Tool, and Dead Link Checker.

Find and track competitors' backlinks

Search for similar link opportunities. This is an easy approach to find high-value links. Weekly or monthly competition analysis can reveal new chances you can seize. Use Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz's Link Explorer to find a competitor's backlinks. Check out which posts are getting backlinks and off-page SEO. If one of your competitors writes guest articles for specific publications, they may be interested in yours on comparable topics.

Use "Tweet This" links

Getting content out there is a component of building inbound links. Add "Tweet This" or "Click to Tweet!" links to boost social sharing for tweetable nuggets. What was the outcome? Increased exposure in search results, news feeds, and Twitter streams increases the likelihood of your work being referenced. These links may appear as follows.

  • Colorful images boost reading interest by 80%, according to research. Tweet this statistic!.
  • ClickToTweet lets you build tweetable links without coding.

Add social widgets

Content is shared by social sharing buttons and widgets, such as "Tweet This" links. Whitepapers, ebooks, blogs, and case studies should all be included in your marketing content. A more robust online presence on social media raises the possibility that someone may visit, share, and link to your website.

Build White-Hat Inbound Links to Boost Rankings

No more link-building services or spam comments. These tactics and techniques, along with top-notch search engine optimization services, will assist you in creating white-hat, high-quality backlinks. Your SERP ranking will rise with more links, which will improve organic traffic as well as potential leads and sales. Digital Marketing Founders SEO expert can help you with all your digital marketing needs, so don’t worry. Contact us for assistance.


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